Custom Navy Challenge Coins - Best Available Crafting and Lowest prices.

The U.S. Navy enjoys a rich history in our country's sea-faring, protection and power-projection adventures - from the Revolutionary War man-o-wars to today's awesome fleet of ships and submarines manned by brave, smart, highly trained dedicated seamen and officers. Here at Combatbet, we're proud to be serving the men and women of the Navy in the honoring of their ships, units, service, historic events and personnel. Custom US Navy challenge coins are among our specialities. Challenge coins in the Navy are particularly special, a ritual of presenting a coin on demand, an emblem of brotherhood and sisterhood among the blue water enlisted men and officers. Our personalized Navy challenge coins use your art submitted to us online. We transform your art (and can work with you on the art) into intricately detailed coins have the weight of history, the brave spirit of fellow sailors, and the weight of the coin itself. Present our customized Navy coins proudly, and use them in meaningful or enjoyable exchanges. Low prices. Shipped fast to your door. 

Our chips can be completely customized...both front, back and edge, in full color. These U.S. Navy challenge coins are offered with a minimum quantity of 100 chips, with pricing discounts at 500 and 1000 chips. Here is a link to our Challenge Coin Pricing by size and quantity.